FAQ: Crushed Ice Catering in Kentucky

We are here to answers any questions you may have regarding the food, the service, or your expectations and desires. Feel free to lean on us throughout the planning process.

“I have no idea where to start – how do I receive more information?”

Start by contacting Crushed Ice Catering. We will walk you through the process without overwhelming you. Sometimes, we can be that little nudge that ignites the inner- foodie/party planner inside of you!  We are happy to begin the proposal process for your event upon understanding your needs.

“What if I don’t see what I want on your menus?”

Our menus are merely just suggestions. We customize the majority of our menus to our individual clients’ tastes and preferences. We would happy to incorporate a traditional family recipe, unique serving style, specific vendor or anything that you want for your event.

“I don’t see Crushed Ice Catering on my venue’s list or approved caterers; can you still cater at that location?”

It depends on the venue. Just because we are not listed on their site or materials, may not mean we cannot provide our services at that location. Be sure to ask the facility contact prior to booking. Crushed Ice Catering can also travel outside of Jefferson County, including but not limited to Shelbyville, Goshen, and Southern Indiana.

“What hidden costs should I expect with your services, if any?”

We are very transparent with all associated fees, taxes and charges. You will find all of this information in our Menu Policy and Guidelines that can be emailed or given to you in our first face-to-face meeting. All of the associated fees will also be included on your proposals.

“Can you serve alcohol?”

Yes. Crushed Ice LLC is fully licensed and insured to provide all beverage services. We can also provide bar service only for your event.

“I have Guests with food allergies. Can you accommodate their dietary restrictions?”

Certainly. We are able and willing to provide alternative meals to meet most common dietary restrictions. Advance notice is great – but we understand that these things pop up last minute. We always try our best to ensure that every guest leaves with a full belly and a smile!