Organic Catering in Louisville KY

Crushed Ice Catering is proud to feature both locally sourced and organic foods in our catering menus. When we work with you on establishing a menu for your wedding, dinner or special event, we let you know of all the possible options for local and organic sourcing, and match all of these options to create a great tasting menu that exceeds your guest’s expectations and meets your budget.

Using local and organic ingredients means getting produce that was picked at when ripe and brought to your plate from farm across town. When something isn’t locally sourced, it is usually picked several weeks before it is ready and then shipped across states, countries or in some cases, hemispheres. By allowing the food to ripen and stay fresh, the food tastes better and retains more of it nutrients.

Beyond the benefit of product quality, using local vendors has a tremendous positive influence on a local economy. 48% of every transaction at a local independently owned business is recirculated into that micro-economy whereas 14% is from a larger retailer.

From our Chef:

“As a chef, I’m happy to use organic whenever possible. Organic catering is important to me because in the simplest of terms “It just tastes better!” and there is a reason for this. . .not only is locally sourced organic food fresher, local foods produce something known as terroir – which means the food tastes like the area from where it is cultivated. Organic to me also means removing harmful GMOs, irradiation practices and dangerous pesticides and fertilizers. Organic farming in itself is friendlier to wildlife and helps the local economy and farmers to thrive and what they are talented at doing. Lastly organic foods have a lot more important nutrients that are lost in the modern day farming practices.”

When you ask a chef what food means to them you can get a lot of different answers, but most chefs realize the importance of community. Food has always been about getting together with loved ones, but it has potential to mean so much more when you consider the economic impact of local food sourcing.

Sourcing produce from local farms not only keeps more of your money in the local economy, it keeps small farms that prioritize quality service and goods serving their communities. We work with many different sources of foods to put together our sumptuous meals. Some of our favorite local sources include:

– Kenny’s farmhouse cheeses

– Capriole farms

– Foxhollow farmsOrganic Wedding and Special Event Catering Near Louisville, KY

– Ashbourne farms

– Shuckmans smokehouse and fishery

– Weisenberger mill

– Grateful greens

– Stone cross farms

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